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Finding interesting traffic patterns

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Part of putting this together was producing heatmaps of the traffic flow. I find the heat maps very satisfying and they can show some unexpected information. For instance, this is an interesting spot on the Atlanta chart...

High traffic around stadiums is normal (or it used to be pre 9/11) but what's with the golf course? why is it attracting so much traffic? After some digging I discovered it is "Eastlake Golf Club" and the permanent home of the TOUR championship. ( so that would explain that.

I also like this one, it's on the Las Vegas map and it clearly shows a high traffic sightseeing route around the Hoover Dam, I expect they are the helicopter tours you can see leaving from the strip to the Grand Canyon, they fly a pretty tight course.

This next one is on the Colorado Springs TAC and it looks like they are holding patterns arranged in a pleasing regular pattern around Pueblo Memorial

This next one is the traffic pattern that started this whole project. A controller on the Boeing Field outreach Facebook alias (BFI Tower - Pilot Outreach) sent a friendly message to the pilots in our local area warning them to be careful around the Elliot bay/Fort Lawton area because of the very high traffic flow going into SeaTac and Boeing Field. I thought it should be possible to use historical ADSB data to infer these high traffic areas and plot them on our iPads. This area is already flagged on the Seattle TAC as being a high traffic area and the evidence shows up well on the heatmap.

You can also clearly make out how busy Kenmore air is with that long winding streak down Lake Washington and out of Lake Union.

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