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Installing to Garmin Pilot on an iPad

1. Download the HotZones file

You should have this page up and displaying in Safari on your iPad then click this download button...

(note: downloading from Facebook's browser will not work!, use Safari)


2. Import the file into Garmin Pilot

In safari the download manager can be accessed on the menu bar as shown on the right, when clicked this will show Garmin Pilot as an application that will open this file. Click on this item. 


3. Enable the layer in Garmin pilot

It can take a little while for Garmin pilot to first process this file. Switch to map view and after a minute or so you should see a "Received Shape File". Dismiss this message.

Hot Zones will now be available in Garmin pilot, select the list at the bottom right to show it, it can take a little while after enabling the overlay for it to first show in Garmin pilot (up to a minute)


Removing the KMZ file  :(

You can turn off the KMZ file by deselecting it on the map in the lower right hand corner but if you want to remove the KMZ file permanently (we are sorry to see you go, perhaps let us know why?) then go to "Settings" / "User Content" and in the "User Shapes/KML" section click the (-) button and select "Delete". It will be removed from your iPad completely.

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