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  • How much does this cost?
    Nothing. Free. If I charged for it, less people would use it. Its a safety feature so that would defeat the purpose. If you find it useful and want to help with the costs for the website you can click the donate button on the home page, but totally up to you.
  • What do I use this for?
    This can be useful both for when you are flight planning through an unfamiliar area. You could plot your course to avoid highly travelled airspace. This is only one more piece of information you should consider when flight planning, for instance, I wouldnt plan to fly nearer a mountain range because it's "less travelled", there may be a good reason it's less travelled. This can be used tactically when you are flying to increase your awareness and scan for traffic. Do not rely on this information for traffic avoidance, you are always required to see and avoid other traffic.
  • How often do the hotzones update?
    My plan is to update each month, we shall see if the hotzones change at all, if not then I may reduce the update cadence.
  • Will the hotzones update automatically on my EFB?
    Unfortunately not, there is not general mechanism to do this for a 3rd party update on all EFBs. You will have to remove the old file, download a new one and reinstall it. The files should not update too often, and even then the hotzones are unlikely to change much between updates.
  • When you update the files how do I know?
    This I havent worked out yet. Probably be a mail shot or something. Stay tuned.
  • Can I see the hotzones without downloading to my EFB?
    Yes, you can see the hotzones if you click this download link and save the KMZ file to your computer. Run Google Earth ( and click the projects button and open the kmz file.
  • What EFBs/software will this work with?
    It should work with any software\EFB that allows import of KMZ files (a KMZ file is just a zipped KML file) and allows shape layers. This has been tested on Garmin Pilot (iPad) ForeFlight (iPad) FltPlan Go (iPad) Google Earth (desktop and web versions)
  • I see a problem, or one of the hotzones doesnt seem correct?"
    I'd love to know about it. Please go to the contact page and tell me the problem and I'll investigate.
  • What do all the different colors mean?
    Hotzones are only a muted purple, if you see other new colors showing it is because the purple is transparent and the underlying color is being blended. For instance, if the purple hotzone is over a yellow area of the chart it may appear brown
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